bashir dawood

Bashir Dawood – the face of humanity

Being a part of the legacy carried by The Dawood Foundation, Bashir and Mariam Dawood are making the difference that is required to identify us as true humans. bashir dawood is a name of substantial repute among philanthropists across Pakistan.

He alongwith Mariam Dawood has stood by several non-profit humanitarian foundations and has funded medical hospitals, researches, relief funds, foundations to uplift the youth and kids and other philanthropist organizations.

Inspiring the youth

The Dawood-s believe that for the betterment of the future, the youth has to be uplifted. Bashir Dawood came forward to help the disadvantaged teens and at-risk youth in Singapore by pairing up with YMCA Project Bridge Youth Centre.

An event was organized in the notion that anybody can achieve what they want to and no youth shall be left behind. A group of 15 young adults was brought to attend the event of Formula One auto racing in Singapore. This experience of a lifetime was formulated in the light of providing an enriching escapade and motivating the youth towards a better future.

Standing by the Sick Kids Foundation

Bashir has always been a part of the healthcare and education sector. Bashir and Mariam Dawood aided in providing support to the Sick Kids Foundation in Pakistan. This foundation aims in providing overall health to kids, physical and mental.

His charitable mindset has given a push to the organization in coming up with better medical facilities and work towards eradicating different physical and mental issues across the globe.